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Choice Louisiana
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We're a coalition of individuals and organizations in Louisiana dedicated to defending a woman's right to choose. We at Choice Louisiana believe that access to quality abortion care is a fundamental right. We trust that women are capable of making sound decisions regarding their own health care. Keep Reading >

Money for Lawyers, Nothing for Us

Governor Bel Edwards and Attorney General Landry just hired a high powered lawyer to defend Louisiana’s unconstitutional abortion laws. Of course, these things come with a cost: he’s getting $385 an hour, instead of the normal $225 the state pays to outside council. Those hours add up: the last time Louisiana hired this guy, it cost between $400,000 and $750,000. (You have to love it when they can’t even give you the total cost!)

What did the people of Louisiana get for that? Nothing. It was just a giant waste of your money.

We’re in the middle of a massive budget deficit. The state is making all kinds of cuts just to try to make ends meet. Instead of really focusing on things that help people, Bel Edwards and Landry are just wasting money to impress their donors. Tell him to put a stop to it, and start saving money for more important things, like the actual taxpayers of the state.

Take action now: contact Governor Bel Edwards!

-Choice Louisiana