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We're a coalition of individuals and organizations in Louisiana dedicated to defending a woman's right to choose. We at Choice Louisiana believe that access to quality abortion care is a fundamental right. We trust that women are capable of making sound decisions regarding their own health care. Keep Reading >

Lawmakers: Stop HB 386 and Focus on the Budget

The Louisiana House passed HB 386 last week, which extends the mandatory waiting period for to get an abortion to 72 hours. It now goes on to the Senate. States that have passed similar laws have wasted millions defending them in court, and Louisiana is about to do the same.  Aren’t we in a budget crisis?

Our situation is so dire that our universities are at risk of losing accreditation because they can’t pay staff.  Instead of working hard to fix this mess, the legislators are spending time passing bills that restrict women’s rights.

We have a large rural population, and this bill hurts the women in those communities the most.  They can’t afford this, and neither can Louisiana.

This government is meant to serve us, and it seems that Baton Rouge has forgotten that.  Maybe it’s because they spend too much time with lobbyists instead of the people.  Now is the time to remind them that it’s us, not the lobbyists, that are their boss.

That’s why we’ve set up this easy link to help you send an email to your State Senator. Honestly, it would be better if you call.  Let them hear your voice.  But, we also know you’re busy, so this is an easy way to contact them.  Let them know that they should be fixing the budget, not passing bills that are just going to increase costs.

Thanks for your help.  Together, we can get Louisiana back on track!

Take action: contact your Senator now to tell them to vote against HB 386 >>