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Choice Louisiana
Stand up for every woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions.


We're a coalition of individuals and organizations in Louisiana dedicated to defending a woman's right to choose. We at Choice Louisiana believe that access to quality abortion care is a fundamental right. We trust that women are capable of making sound decisions regarding their own health care. Keep Reading >

State Budget Priorities

Louisiana is facing the worst budget crisis in decades, yet Baton Rouge is wasting time creating new laws that limit women’s access to healthcare.  These laws often result in lengthy legal battles and are overturned by the courts–paid for by our tax dollars.  Instead of focusing on the budget, they are wasting our money to score political points with their most extreme base.

Join us to tell the Governor and Legislature: Stop interfering with reproductive healthcare.  Focus on the real issues facing Louisiana.

Please call them now:

  • Governor Edwards: 225-342-7015
  • Senate President John A. Alario, Jr.: 504-340-2221
  • House Speaker Taylor Barras: 337-373-4051