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We're a coalition of individuals and organizations in Louisiana dedicated to defending a woman's right to choose. We at Choice Louisiana believe that access to quality abortion care is a fundamental right. We trust that women are capable of making sound decisions regarding their own health care. Keep Reading >

The House ignored us on HB388, tell them what you think

Over the past couple months, thousands of people have asked their Representative to vote AGAINST HB388 — the bill that promotes back alley abortions by closing safe clinics. Unfortunately, most Representatives ignored the wishes of the people they represent. The House passed the amended bill anyway on Wednesday, sending it to Governor Jindal to sign it into law.

The first time this bill went through the House (back on March 31st), it passed with a 85-6 vote. This time around it passed with an 88-5 vote. They AREN’T LISTENING.

This bill will close safe clinics, eliminating access to abortion for women in large parts of Louisiana.  This means NO ACCESS to abortion, including in the case of rape, incest, and the health of the mother.  This, the most extreme view, does not represent the people of the state.  It will force women to seek out dangerous, back alley abortion providers.

We’re pushing Jindal to veto the bill. But in the meantime, tell your Representative EXACTLY what you think about this, and that you’ll remember their vote come election time.

Let them know that you will keep their vote on HB388 in mind when it is YOUR turn to vote!

Find out how your Representative voted, and tell them what you think >>