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Empty Seats are not Representation

HB388, the bill that promotes back alley abortions by closing safe clinics, is on its way to a full vote in the Senate.  In spite of hearing from many constituents, the Senators on the Health and Welfare Committee passed the bill without any objections.  While they were attentive during the anti-choice testimony, which was given the floor first, all but two of the Senators left the room when the pro-choice people spoke against the bill.

Bills like this will, if turned into law, tremendously impact the lives of many people across Louisiana.  When a bill reaches this far, and touches so many, it must be examined for any “unintended consequences”, where unforeseen outcomes reduce the quality of life for many.  The responsible thing to do, of course, is to fully listen to objects and testimony from all sides, and then make an educated decision.

Unfortunately, most of the Senators didn’t bother to hear any of the well prepared testimony from opponents of HB388.  Instead of listening to the voice of the people, those that they are elected to represent, they left the room.  The facts and information given during the testimony went not to Senator’s ears but instead to their empty seats.  An empty seat is not representation.